Can I Transfer To Another Spartan Trail Race, Another Person, Or Both?

Spartan Trail (non-OCR) Transfer Process: Log into your Active Link Find your username in the top right corner then click My Events. Under the race you would like to transfer, click Change Event. Select the new Spartan Trail race you would like to enter. Choose the distance you would like to enter. Confirm all your […]

Spartan Races

Spartan Stadion: 5K/20 Obstacles. The Stadion was an ancient Greek running event and a historic, original Olympic Games. It got its name from the storied stadium it took place in. Now, we’re letting you compete in the legendary stadiums of today and add to their history. But unlike Ancient Greece, all levels are encouraged to […]

Can I transfer the Trail Race registration?

If you need to reschedule your Trail Race, you can obtain a credit valid for another GCC Spartan Trail event. All standard deferral procedures apply. All details of the deferral process can be found here: Can I transfer to another Spartan Race, person, or both? Spartan Race Types (not operated by Sabco Sports) please refer […]

Can I use my volunteer credit for the Trail Race?

Absolutely! Our trail run is our newest product, and we hope you enjoy it! You can use your volunteer credit (banked or earned at the event) to register for the 10k or 21k (if offered). You’ll register for the trail run the same way you register for a Sprint, Super or Beast. Volunteer Codes: A […]

Does the Trail Race count for the Trifecta?

No, a Spartan Trail race does NOT count for the Trifecta. You’ll need to complete a Spartan OCR event for that. If you’re a seasoned Trail Runner and interested in obstacle course racing, we recommend you to check out Spartan Sprint as a starting point. More information on the Trifecta can be found here.

What if I’m not fit enough to try this yet?

First of all, give up on your self-doubt. It’s “average” to be easy and about yourself. negative in If you’re health to do good enough exercise, a you’re ready to explore Spartan trail. There’s never a perfect time for anything, so sign up and challenge yourself. You’ll have fun, meet new people, and you’ll likely […]

Can I sign up with friends?

Yes, and we it. encourage You’ll be able to push each other and reflect on the wins and losses afterwards. The Spartan community spans across 50 countries, and when Spartan you’ll either nod you see someone in the street wearing something to each other, or start a is conversation. Spartan runners of all trail bringing […]

I’m a trail runner. Is this some “corporate sellout” version of Trail?

No. Spartan has its roots in trail running, and the trail division at Spartan is run by highly experienced and dedicated trail runners. While Spartan is one of the biggest endurance race companies, putting on incredible events is the goal as is bringing the magic of trail running to more people globally, adding to trail […]

Are there obstacles?

No. This is traditional trail running. Sometimes you might end with a fire jump, but this is celebratory and not any different to jumping over a small fallen tree. You can also circle around it.

Why do Spartan Trail vs other trail runs?

Spartan has gathered some of the best-in-class trail race directors and athletes to mastermind what goes into every event. The Spartan Trail concept is about finding the right balance between well-resourced, professional trail events that elevate the sport and your overall experience, and providing an equally intimate, community spirited race the things that make smaller […]